Coffee Roasters

Great things can occur from small gestures

Coffee Roasters

Great things can occur from small gestures

Our Mission

We focus on sourcing, trading, roasting and delivering ethically sourced, sustainable, speciality, high-quality Arabica coffee beans. 

Concentrating on environmental issues with practices, ensuring you are able to enjoy and participate in the true “bean to cup” experience, with our approach, everyone benefits, the farmer, the producer and you.

Together we can make a difference. It is no coincidence our roaster is a Loring S35, low emission approach, which is significantly kinder on the environment. Focusing on quality and consistency with our customer approach, you will appreciate the true value we offer, both with our coffee and our service. We are committed to offering only good coffee through direct links with farmers and producers, enabling us with our established import partners, to offer you the benefit of these farming communities in locations around the world, to include Kenya, Costa Rica, Rwanda and Brazil.

Their invaluable role is necessary in ensuring we provide ethically, fully traceable coffee from its origin to you, offering all of us peace of mind.

We also offer bespoke services for businesses

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“Completely converted after tasting their Brazilian coffee.”
Mr J Donalds
Coffee Bean
“I love being able to have amazing tasting decaf coffee”
Miss G Rodgers
Decaf Lover
“Such great tasting coffee delivered straight to my door - amazing!”
Mr H Saunders
Espresso Grind

Discover Rich Blends

We offer large orders and bespoke coffee supplies, tailored to your needs.

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